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DC Tile and Paint Plus Handyman

    DC Tile and Paint Plus is your premier source for handyman services. Serving San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas , it is owned and operated by me, Daniel Caban.


My goal is to offer you the very best handyman service available . If reliability and quality is what you are looking for then I am here to provide just that. There will be no short cutting just excellent service. 



   I have always enjoyed working with my hands . To me there is hardly anything more satisfying. Growing up in New York City gave me a unique opportunity to learn much about the construction and maintenance industry. 


At the age of fifteen I worked as a porter in a 4 building complex containing 10 apartments each. These buildings were old and in need of repair. I only worked there over the summer but I wanted to do more than just sweep take out garbage pick up and clean up unmentionables both animal and human. Through high school I worked in these complexes eventually being taught by the superintendent to do basic repairs. Basic plumbing repairs, some light electrical repairs, painting, flooring, even renovation were all things I had a share in.


Knowing this was my passion I attended a trade school for building maintenance and construction. After which I worked as a handyman, a construction worker, even in a construction supply warehouse. I even worked as a handyman for one of the largest banks in the world servicing 26 properties. The experience gained working these jobs have proved invaluable. It is this experience that I would like to offer to you.


Daniel Caban


Handyman and Owner


DC Tile and Paint Plus

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